Well, hello … and welcome to my home. Notice the slit?

Wocka wocka.

Happy 4th of July! Welcome to thelivingmichaeljackson.com!

I am so happy to be finally declaring my Independence from Facebook Earth today and making a second little home here on the moon in cyberspace.

Introduction: Unlike the deceased, I am the Living Michael Jackson, AKA Michael R and I am, in no particular order: a composer, lyricist, playwright, Afro ‘merican, sodomite, and all around troublemaker.

I decided to launch thelivingmichaeljackson.com in order to centralize how I share news about myself as a musical theater writer and playwright but also to provide a more comprehensive outlet for me to share whatever is on my mind, so on this site, you will find in no short order: news about upcoming shows I’m presenting or a part of, links to other artists and collaborators that I endorse, music I’m writing, shows that I’m writing, shows that I’m NOT writing, bloggy (and warning: occasionally NSFW or frankly, not-safe-for-LIFE) thoughts and feelings that I’m having about myself and/or the world, some light trash talking about celebrities and God knows what else.

May thelivingmichaeljackson.com also be a safe space for all the world’s Michael Jacksons to gather and commiserate about how liberated we all feel to be able to reclaim our identities without our most prominent citizen in the way. And now it can be told: I initiated the plot to get rid of old Wacko Jacko. Dr. Conrad Murray was nothing more than a convenient patsy. It was all me.

So armed with that knowledge, I invite you to take a look around, look at pictures, read my words, comment on stuff, fight with me, and buy sheet music! Let’s get this party started!