I’ve got 2 songs that I’ll be performing in this concert series curated by friend, collaborator, and spectacular composer/lyricist Rachel Peters. Come on down to the Cornelia Street Cafe tonight at 8:30 and hear some great music by great writers and an awesome lineup of performers. See below for details.

OTHERWISE UNSUNG is a new series of original music theatre concerts at Cornelia Street Cafe curated by Rachel Peters.

No fake rock. No adorable twenty-somethings finding love in the big city. No meta-musicals that make fun of musicals. No style without substance. Just fresh, original work from honest, fearless, accomplished music theatre writers giving you their best. Come hear what you’re missing uptown.

We kick off our series with The Otherwise Unsung Sampler, a wildly eclectic evening of songs by Michelle Elliott and Danny Larsen, Michael R. Jackson and Anna K. Jacobs, Paul Leschen and Fred Sauter, Erin Markey, Robert Paterson, and Ronnie Reshef. Featuring Raja Burrows, Shannon Conley, Daniel Ihasz, Michael R. Jackson, Erin Markey, and Lori Wilner. Musical direction by Matt Castle.

$10 cover plus $10 minimum.
Call 212-989-9319 to make your reservation.