Maybe I will come across as one of those charlatan motivational speakers but basically I’ve decided that you shouldn’t even fear fear itself. Just let it wash over you and swim through it. When you worry about the future, you don’t live in the present. My new thing for 2014 is not worrying about the outcome because the outcome will be the outcome regardless of my attempt to control it. Yes, I have crazy credit card and student loan debt. Yes, my government is spying on me. Yes, commercial musical theater is the most foolish path to run down trying to make money (especially if you’re actually trying to push the form with your content or vice versa) but if I thought too hard about that, I’d be paralyzed. And that just doesn’t work for me anymore. So my new thing for 2014 is to just do it and move on. It’s fine if you don’t agree. 

Let it Go by The Bangles

One thing or another
Your head is filled with questions
sights and sounds
Distractions always gets you down
Turn around
Trying to remember
Where you were the day before
North and south and east and west
Where to go
When it’s over, when it’s done
Let it go
Frightened by the numbers
All the possibilities
Changing minds you hope to find
one more dream to remind you
What is lost can always be regained
When it’s over, when it’s done
Let it go