Life is what happens when you’re making plans … and music:

After a very successful Kickstarter (and IndieGogo) campaign and much personal angst and what seems like a million dollars extra dollars I had to find on top of all that to make it happen, I am happy to share my debut EP Good Clean Music, which is the first of a slow rollout of music from what started out as a double LP album to be called The Dirty Laundry Good Clean Music Album, which is a collection of stylistically diverse tunes that run the gamut from the sacred to the profane.


With a cast of thousands of delicious vocals, arrangements by music director/arranger (Jason Sherbundy) and produced by (Dan Weiner), this 6-track offering articulates my mission statement as an artist: To create and promote challenging but accessible musical theater. In an industry that paints by numbers too often, I am passionate about crafting a unique and meaningful listener experience.

In his novel Moby Dick, Herman Melville wrote: “woe to him who seeks to please rather than appall!”

I’m greedy though. I want to do both.

Good Clean Music Release Date: 6/1/16

Dirty Laundry Music Release Date: TBA